Casa Blanca Lily Bouquet

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Casa Blanca Lily Bouquet is a very fragrant, and elegant bouquet. The Casa Blanca Lily Bouquet features White Casa Blanca Lilies fillers & foliage, and  designed with  pussy willow.  A beautiful gift for any occasion. *Substitutions may be made to your order upon availability, but will be filled for the full value of the bouquet.

  • Casa Blanca lilies
  • Foliage
  • Fillers
  • Pussy Willow
  • Nicely Gift wrapped


Lilies are highly toxic to cats, so we would recommend that cat owners avoid this bouquet. They can also cause some adverse effects on animals in dogs (such as an upset tummy), so please keep lilies out of their reach.

Regular€50, Deluxe€60, Premium€70


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